Create a butterfly effect with every purchase

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It's been said that the flutter of a butterfly's wing could eventually cause a hurricane

The concept is simple - every action has a reaction

10% of your purchase will go to a cause of your choice upon checkout, creating an impact far greater than you could ever imagine

Featured cause: World Animal Protection

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Dad hats

Mesh hats

Featured cause: Save BC Bears

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More causes you can choose to support

10% of your purchase goes to a cause of your choice upon checkout


Have another cause you'd like us to add? Like a different style of hat that we don't currently have in stock?

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Love this idea and love the hats! I live in BC and hate the fact that our grizzlies are being killed...happy to support the Save BC Bears bears campaign!

Alex, Vancouver, BC

I love the idea of the butterfly's so true. So much negativity in the world these days but this brought a big smile to my face! We can all make a difference. I chose to help the animals affected by hurricanes Maria and Irma :)

Sarah - Toronto, ON